My little Shop – Sleepwear for every day fairy tales


Having lived in Spain, United States, Switzerland, Monaco, United Kingdom and Australia, Marie–Sophie Vaucher Rais has experienced the very best of cultures and the diversity of family living. She has three beautiful children and her background in luxury makes her the perfect designer and founder of ‘My Little Shop’. With over 10 years of her career at brands such as Cartier and Christies, Marie-Sophie worked closely on bespoke orders, sourcing high value materials to produce the most beautiful accessories in the world. Her inspiration to create the perfect sleepwear for children focuses on sourcing the finest fabrics and designing for the beautiful family moments and simplicity of life.

  Born in Switzerland, Marie-Sophie now calls London home. The modern-day originality and creativity of the city combines with the traditions of the Royal Family and love for exploring all things heritage. Marie-Sophie chose to manufacture in Spain, using organic cottons and local artisans for all detailing and finishes. Fine laces, colorful satins and linings, together with delicate embroidery create timeless sleepwear. Marie-Sophie enthuses about the process of designing her collections and manufacturing in Europe:

"working in craftsmanship in Spain was an obvious choice. Spain has a heritage of creating beautiful designs on traditional fabrics"

Her intrinsically creative mind focuses on everything that feels good in life and the brand features ‘My Little Diaries’; a beautifully written blog. Social responsibility is also key to this, and My Little Shop offers complete transparency in the manufacturing process. Each unique design is both beautiful and practical. Concerns for the planet and our children’s futures are paramount in everything Marie-Sophie does.

 As we look more towards wellness, time and experience to redefine our own luxury, Marie-Sophie focuses on bridging the gap between the past and present, reconsidering the true family values. Sleep is especially important for children; affecting both mental and physical development and getting ready for bed is without doubt, a special family moment.  Marie-Sophie describes bedtime as her favorite time, when after reading to her son and two daughters, she will always whisper "I love you, I love you" before they fall asleep.