My little Shop – Sleepwear for every day fairy tales


My little Shop is an online boutique that specialises in making handmade high-end children’s nightwear: pyjamas, nightgown, bathrobes, slippers, boxer shorts. Handmade in Spain with children in mind, using fine lace, beautiful soft and organic cotton, comfortable elastic waists and lovely patterns. My little Shop is focused on creating priceless family moments filled with joy, creativity and happiness in all of its pyjamas. 

My little Shop believes that children around the world should feel excited to change into their pyjamas when it comes time for bed. We want to contribute to the intimate memories shared by children and their parents as dusk falls or dawn breaks. We are all about empowering children to feel comfortable in their own skin; allowing boys and girls to show their true colours and embrace their inner, creative selves. 

The founder and designer of My little Shop, Marie-Sophie Vaucher Rais, was born and raised in Switzerland but has had the opportunity of living in many cities throughout the world, gaining a diverse and fascinating perspective. Marie-Sophie has now settled back into her favorite city: London. Her passion and studies for design as well as her love for her children have inspired this adventure and were blended together to create the My little Shop brand.