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❄️Winter Sales ❄️

Marina Andreas

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Everybody loves sales and especially females--these are the times of the year to engage ourselves in a buying frenzy and the irony is that, most of us get tempted to purchase more things and overspend more money than we have originally intended. The thing is, when you see too many things labelled with the bright “on sale” sign, they instantly catch your attention and you feel tempted to check them out and fill your basket with more than one thing--and yes, your wallet is going to get empty before you can say “pronto”!

Does this sound familiar? You purchase a bunch of tempting yet unnecessary things impulsively without thinking twice, fill up your wardrobe and drawers, never use them and you end up feeling remorseful for all your hard-earned money and time wasted. On top of that, you may have a partner nagging that you’ve spend your money unwisely or go as far to say you are hoarder (in extreme cases). Yep, we have all been there...

So what exactly fuels our “shopping during sales” addiction? Everything-- from bright and fancy signs to special bonuses and even “free gifts” as a result of purchasing something specific, make us feel the urge to buy something without hesitation. If not, we may feel like we are missing out on a great deal. These are tricks marketers know very well and use to get us to buy more than we actually intended.

But, despite these “tricks” that doesn’t mean that sales are always damaging to your wallet (and sanity lol). You can also benefit by getting an awesome deal and buy things that you really need which were perhaps beyond your budget in non-sale periods. If you take advantage of sales in moderation, no one will nag e.g husband that you wasted your cash on useless things. And as they say “Because I bought on sale, I actually made money” ( you will actually save money and spend less if you don’t go overboard.

Since late winter sales are still on till early March, you better grab that “last minute” chance to get some awesome and quality stuff at good prices, without overspending your budget.

Besides splurging on yourself, you also need to take care of your family and buy them also some goodies during the winter sales e.g clothes or games. Therefore, don’t forget to hurry up since sales are ending in a few days and check out any winter sales that interest you to buy something that you or your family needs at a fraction of the original cost.


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