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Tips for packing when travelling with kids

Marina Andreas

The half-term season is approaching soon and maybe you have some holidays plans with your kids already in mind. The thing is, you have to be 2X careful when packing your stuff as luggage is an essential part of traveling and they can either break or make your vacation.

The stuff you will carry depends on few factors: your traveling destination, the season, the weather forecast, the duration of your stay, and the age of your kids.


You may consider the following things:


  • Keep it minimal. Many families do the mistake of carrying too much stuff before they travel. The problem is, you will be carrying extra weight and this may cost you--in the airport and luggage check-in for example, you are only limited to a certain amount of kgs. Since 3+ day holidays involve shopping, it would be wise to leave extra space so you can accommodate the new things you will buy--and in case you’ve missed something from your wardrobe, you can always buy it at your destination (well unless you are in a very secluded area with no stores nearby).


  • A good rule of thumb is to pack one outfit per day for you and your kids, depending on the numbers of days you will be away; an easy way to do it, is layout on the bed the different outfits, do a quick checklist (people tend to often forget the accessories or underwear…)! and then everything into your suitcase! Also, it would be wise to carry basic clothing and styling items that will match any outfit and almost any occasion.


  • Prepare a few days before in order to avoid last minute stress and in case you forgot something you still have a few days to remember it.


  • Keep yours and your kids stuff separately. While this is optional, you will save some valuable time and space by packing your stuff and kids stuff separately in a different bag. And if your kids are 7+, you can show them how to pack their own things. Of course, you will be the one supervising the process as kids have a mind of their own and will probably forget stuff that they need in favor of stuff that they want. Make a final check just before you leave so nothing is forgotten.

In general, you should aim to carry all the basic stuff you need and omit anything that you may potentially buy or don’t need at all. Keeping it minimal is the way to go.

And since we know traveling with your kids is often challenging, we have created some fabulous travel kits, each with an essential tracksuit and other complementary stuff your children will need. Just check this link to see what this kit has in can also make it even more fun and unique by letting your kids choose their favorite patches and stickers!











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