Time with family is time well spent

Amanda Spitko

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“Family is the most important thing in the world”

-Princess Diana


Family time can be spent doing anything, anywhere. Whether it is a day finishing chores around the house, walking around in the fresh spring air, eating a meal around the table together, or taking a holiday together, spending time with each other is one of our most important goals in life.


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This love is unlike any other. My little Shop is centered on the love that radiates among a family and the unique bond that they share. It is unconditional, unique, and passionate.

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One of our favorite ways to spend time together is escaping on holidays—like many of you are this week! The isolation from consuming day-to-day tasks and commitments allows us to focus on each other and to relax from daily stressors. The laughter, memories and love shared on holidays are what we cherish the most.

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With the kids being on holidays, it can sometimes be hard to fill all of the free time that they have! Some of our favorite activities to keep the kids occupied and having fun are to make our own flower crown or a marshmallow tinker toy! These can keep them entertained and focused for a good amount of time and gives them an end result to work hard towards. If you want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, it can be fun to plant your own vegetables or flowers in the garden. This can teach your kids’ the responsibility of tending to a garden and growing their own plants. The excitement in their eyes when their first vegetable begins to sprout is heartwarming! 

Have a great time on holiday and let us know your favorite family activities that you love to do!

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