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Teach your kids self-love/care

Krystal Williams

It is a major key in life to know that you need to learn to love yourself, before you are able to love others, therefore it is only right to teach your kid from a young age about self-love and care. This will set a firm foundation of support upon on which they can rely on throughout their life. Kids automatically look up to their parent’s role models. They listen to everything you say, and watch everything you do; therefore, it is essential to be mindful as kids mirror your actions.

Teaching kids how to physically take care of themselves is also very important. For example, in the evening when you are doing your simple skincare routine, you can tell them to follow the steps with you. First, assist them with the new skills and then slowly let them do it themselves. The main skills you need to teach your kid is how to get dressed, wash their hands, wash their faces, blow and wipe their nose and brush their hair.

Talking to your kids about all the positive aspects that make them unique: "give them compliments", acknowledge with a "this is amazing" or "bravo" when they do something great. For example, talking positively about their body and how the importance of healthy eating and exercise, will reinforce the importance of self-care. It would be good to have your kids get used to doing a 10 min breathing exercise at night to calm them down before they get into sleep and to focus on their well-being, on themselves.

But you should not forget to take time out for yourself to wonder about self-love while you are on holidays and you have time to breathe and think about yourself


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