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Sustainable Fashion

Evangeline Plant

Sustainable fashion is very important to the industry and is highly regarded in the fashion world currently due to the social movements in society to keep the planet green. As the textile business is one of the major harms to the environment, due to a large amount of work carried out in the third world, the importance of sustainability is key. 


It can be said that the behavioral impact of the environment is why sustainable textiles are desired by fashion brands and their audience. Doctor Claudia E. Henninger supports this by saying micro-organisations should take advantage of identifying key sustainable fashion criteria as this will license them to promote their fashion collections more effectively. 

The topic of sustainability within the fashion industry is majorly discussed within the media and it sure has got society talking. Lyst, the largest global fashion search engine found that searches for “sustainable fashion” have increased by 66% in 2018 advocating that consumers are really being more particular about what they are buying.


So if we really break down ‘sustainable fashion’ we can instantly become aware that there are so many different proportions as to what actually makes it sustainable. This can come down to what the products are made out of such, giving clothes to charity or the environment that the clothes are made in. All of these forms of sustainable fashion support the ecological sustainability of the planet due to human consciousness.

The repercussions of health are becoming more apparent when it comes down to what makes a product more sustainable than the next. Looking into these health barriers, it is often asked at what level do we accept the continued use of the damaging supplements we are buying? Thankfully, there are different fabrics that are safer than others which are being more frequently seen in the industry currently, with one of the factors being organic cotton.

Organic cotton is less of a damaging impact on the environment as opposed to non-organic cotton due to the way it is grown. The cotton uses systems that replenish and maintain soil fertility and build biologically diverse agriculture, also using a lot less later. The proven benefits for people and the planet is a highly regarded reason to opt for this choice when it comes to consumers.

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