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Supernatural New year

Evangeline Plant

How do you prepare to take on the New Year? You can never be in control of what happens around you in this world, but within you, that’s a different story. You have full power and control of what happens inside of you, inside both your head and your heart. 

I have to let you know that we love the new year, we see it as a time to reflect on ourselves and anything we don’t like we can always change. Focus on bettering yourself and spreading love to the people around you. That way, they will enjoy life as much as you do. 


My advice is that you must think optimistically, try not to dwell on the past or anything negative that has happened in this year. Taking full control of the new year will make you feel at peace and there are a few things I can advise you to do for setting the tone for a spiritually happy new year.

The first and most important thing to do would be to would be to remind yourself every day to be appreciative. Psychologist Steve Taylor wrote in his book Back to Sanity that writing an ‘appreciation list’ had a significant impact on his participants, making them aware of their blessings and enhanced their well-being. So why not write a list of things you love and are grateful for, and look at these every day to boost your mood?

Instead of making a traditional New Year’s resolution, a spiritual resolution commitment or promise might do more for your mind. The typical resolution would be to lose some weight or get a promotion at work but research shows less than 10 percent of adults that make resolutions only keep them for a few months. 

A spiritual resolution that you could make could be to spread love, show peace and be kind to everyone, practice meditation and do something that is good for the soul. That way, you won’t need to set a time limit on your resolution if you begin following it every day. Therefore, it will not stay a resolution, it just becomes a way of life. 

If you need some stimulation to better yourself and others you can set yourself a goal assisting in giving you a vision, something to strive for. Goals are there to help you decide what you wish to accomplish or fulfill, help you to realize what is insignificant and most importantly to help with your motivation. Writing a goal down may give assistance in executing what you desire to achieve, backed up by psychologist Dr. Gail Matthews. The results of the professor's study initiated that 42 percent of people that wrote down their goals helped them to achieve them. 

Just remember, continual improvement is an unending journey.


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