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Spring-Summer 2018

Marina Andreas

We are heading towards the heart of spring 2018 and this one of the most beautiful times of the year without a doubt--the flowers are blooming, the weather gets warmer, and everyone seems to be in a  brighter and more romantic mood. It’s no wonder that springtime has inspired many famous poets and writers who dedicated entire works on the beauty of spring--from William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 98” to Christina Rossetti's poem “Spring”, Springtime is regarded as a very favourable time of the year.

Springtime in general symbolises beauty and cycles of rebirth and we can follow this by updating all areas of your lives, including our wardrobes.  However, since we are approaching April, chances are, you have updated your personal wardrobe already. But when it comes to renewing the wardrobe of our children, things are a bit different as we ideally want to combine pieces that are comfortable, on-trend, and easy to pick by your kids.

According to Business of Fashion (BOF) stats, the kid’s fashion industry in the UK currently is taking over male and even female fashion in terms of growth. Parents and kids are becoming more concerned about what they wear and there are hundreds of kids fashion brands operating in the field.  The late kid fashion industry notices a shift to comfortable yet on trend clothes  and “mini-me’ fashion which basically mimics the style of adult parents.  Vogue kids and other trusted fashion sources, also state that the overall kid’s fashion theme for SS18 is bringing back fond memories of nostalgia and the timeless elegance of subtle colors and patterns. Vintage and traditional elements with a modern touch are quite on trend this year.


If you are looking for a collection that perfectly embodies most of these children fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2018, check out our new collection at A blend of UK style, practicality, balance and comfort, both you and your child will enjoy them this season.

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