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Spooky Season is Here!

Anina Tardif-Douglin

The leaves are turning and it’s getting colder outside.

It's time to pull out the fall wardrobe and cozy blankets, but it's also that special, fun, spooky time of year - Halloween!

One of the best parts of spooky season is decorating our houses with an array of pumpkins and scary decorations. Some people go a little too far on the scary side - so you might want to do a loop of the neighborhood a few days prior to planned trick or treating just in case.

The best decorations are the ones we can do with our kids, and it’s always fun to have a little friendly competition with the neighbors! 

If you haven’t gone to the pumpkin patch and come away with the biggest, cutest, or most original pumpkins and gourds yet - now’s the time! More and more pumpkin patches incorporate other fun fall activities like hayrides through “haunted” fields (go in the daytime with little ones!), making caramel apples, and fun little games and rides. It's worth a full day adventure with the kids.

Check out your local pumpkin patch this weekend! Most are open throughout the week but host the special activities on Saturday when more people can make it. If you're going this weekend, be sure to get in early so you beat the lines. Lots are open on Halloween as well, so you can go in your costumes pre- (or post-) wandering the neighborhood for candy and other treats.

One thing we’re loving is the different ways you can do jack-o-lanterns for Halloween: painting pumpkins allows younger kids to be more expressive, while fun stencils (and a supervisory adult!) can give older kids a creative way to carve their pumpkins. We also really like those little flameless LED tealights so your pumpkins don’t melt or catch on fire. They're more and more popular (and more environmentally friendly).

On another note, have you had squirrels and other little creatures destroying your pumpkins? Sometimes even before the big day? There are lots of creative ways to keep the squirrels off - a quick web search will give you lots of options, including hairspray which does double duty: it keeps squirrels off and makes the pumpkin shiny!

Happy Halloween!

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