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Personalisation in Fashion

Marina Andreas

Most of us tend to follow fashion trends that we have seen somewhere--either in a catwalk or worn by others. Someone comes up with an idea and it soon becomes a fashion trend that thousands if not millions of people follow.

However, many famous fashion figures argue that fashion is a matter of embracing our uniqueness. Famous Vogue fashion magazine editor Anna Wintour said “Create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others” and Lynne Dell supports that, “Fashion says me too--style tells only me”.  And this is where personalisation comes to make our style more unique and take some otherwise classic and boring pieces to the next level.

Personalisation in fashion takes many different forms as there are many ways to personalise a clothing piece and make it more unique such as:

  • Custom Embroidery designs. Embroidery designs in general have always been a point of reference in the UK and European fashion especially, and you can add this lovely element to your clothes to make it stand out.

At My little Shop we love to make it unique and special, choose your own embroidery:

  • Altering its length and dimensions. This the most common method to alter a clothing piece, even though it’s not as creative and unique as others. The process usually involves measuring and marking the area you wish to cut and then use sharp scissors to cut the fabric and sewing any excess fabric that hangs from outside to inside to smoothen the edges.
  • Cutting rips and holes in specific and random holes to give it that ripped effect e.g ripped jeans or modern hole look.
  • Αdding patches and stamps. Formerly, it was a wide practice to add patches of fabric to cover a hole or broken fabric (perhaps you remember your granny making this) but the more modern fashion twists are to add stamps and patches in random spots as in the 80s fashion to give clothes a more unique and eye-popping look.If you wish to purchase and personalise your kids’ pyjamas to find some cute and stylish patterns check out our store:

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