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My little Shop favorite activities for the best sleepover

Amanda Spitko

Planning a pyjama party for your kids? Here are some of our favorite activities to make your pyjama party the best ever! No matter the age, these activities will keep the kids entertained and smiling all night! So send the invitations, roll out the sleeping bags and make a playlist of your favorite're having a pyjama party!!

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1. Hunt for Treasure Spark the kids' minds and get them moving with a treasure hunt! With a little preparation, you can create short clues, even with only pictures, to lead the kids to their treasure. Watch as the kids hurry from clue to clue to find their prizes of either candy or a snack!

2. Fill the room with princes and princesses! Tap into the kids' creative sides by having them decorate crowns and tiaras. Depending on the age, they can use stickers, markers, glitter and jewels to make a crown or tiara fit for royalty.

3. Dance the Night Away! Turn up the volume and play all the latest hits to jam out to! Take song requests of everyone’s favorites, and watch the kids jump and move and sing to their favorite songs. There is nothing that can compare to watching children losing themselves in the music. If you want to turn up the heat a little, play a game of freeze dance. Turn down the music every once in awhile… and whoever is the last to freeze is out for the next round!! That person is assigned to turn down the music for the next round. Maybe they will even let you in on the fun and dancing!!

4. Decorate Your Very Own Pillowcases Get a pack of permanent or fabric markers (both safe to sleep on) and design your own pillow case! This is a perfect party favor for everyone to take home and remember all of the fun memories of your party! The kids can doodle to their heart’s content on white pillowcases and even use them that night at the pyjama party. This is sure to spark their creativity and get the kids excited! Follow this link for ideas and a how-to to prep for the cutest pillowcases!

5. Satisfy your hunger with some yummy (but also healthy) snacks After a whole night filled with dancing and laughing with friends, satisfy their hunger with some flavourful snacks. Keep things cool, make these delicious fresh fruit pops from your favourite mix of fruit! Keep things sweet with these super easy, but tasty, dark chocolate peanut butter banana bites! If you want to throw something savory into the night, try this pantry popcorn mix! Hopefully these snacks will keep the kids’ bellies full and eyes wide for a fun night of games and pyjamas!


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