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👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 The importance of family bonding, sharing and brotherhood during the X-mas holidays ❤️

Marina Andreas

 X-mas is a time of celebration for everyone and nearly every christian out there, regardless of their age, anticipates christmas holidays to rejoice with their family members and friends in a festive atmosphere.


Yet, Christmas has become highly commercialised and “pretentious”, especially over the last few decades. We stuff our homes with various Christmas ornaments and decorations inside and out, we get into a buying frenzy, and we basically put on a show to impress others which doesn’t really reflect the true Christmas spirit. Remember that Disney cartoon with the famous stingy Skroutz (Donald Duck’s uncle) who selfishly counted his piles of pennies for hours and days without giving back to the poor? And was visited by three Christmas spirits who showed him visions of the future consequences of his actions e.g a dear friend starving to death?


See the whole point is, X-mas is not only a time to impress and show off and exchange gifts as usual. It is a time to consider others, strengthen bonds, and help everyone around us have a merry Christmas time. There are people around us that are less fortunate and don’t have the means to celebrate--they are people living alone in isolation from others, people sick in hospitals, people in poverty, and people who are simply not happy for whatever reason. Not everyone is surrounded by positivity this time of the year. It would be very selfish of us to celebrate the holidays by ourselves carefree and ignore these people and unfortunate situations like they don’t exist. As X-mas is a time where everyone should be happy and celebrate, let’s spread this happiness to others. Let’s buy gifts for the poor or sick, let’s support our local  charity or community and let’s invite our old neighbor that lives alone estranged from family members to come on over to our place to enjoy a feast with us. By doing such acts of brotherhood and kindness we help spread joy to others that are less fortunate and we in turn feel more satisfied and complete.


As X-mas is a family celebration, we also need to foster a pleasant family atmosphere and leave out any possible differences with other family members. It’s not time to hold grudges and ignore or attack fellow family members and see them as enemies. If you have an estranged relative, now is the right time to forgive yourself and them for all their past actions, to put the past behind where it belongs, and wish them merry Christmas, or even better invite them over wholeheartedly to your place. Now is the perfect time for forgiveness and expressing your love and appreciation to fellow family members and strangers.


Of course you’ll have to keep some traditions like for example decorating the tree or baking cookies or your turkey as you usually do. But instead of doing it alone, ask the rest of the family or at least others to get involved in the process. Things become even more enjoyable if we share them with others. All traditional Christmas activities--from food to games and gifts are meant to be shared with others and not just yourself. This is the essence of  the Christmas spirit--forgiveness, love, sharing and celebrating with others! After all, all these will become pleasant memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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  • I was just spending time with my friend’s two step-daughters, and they really bonded with me in just one day because I actually spent time with them and asked them questions about their life.
    I think many parents forget how important just listening and being interested is. All you have to do is make your kids feel like they’re really important and be interested in their lives.
    A great way to bond is by learning together too… here’s a cool site:


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