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How To Please The Ones You Love

Marina Andreas

Famous American author and T.V writer, Tracy Mcmillan when asked about love, quotes that “caring about people, about things, about life is an act of maturity” and we couldn't agree more. Caring for and pleasing someone in any way is a form of mature gratitude that will always get appreciated, especially if it comes straight from our hearts and there is no ulterior motivation from doing so.

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According to some relevant reports on Independent UK and Psychology today, there are multiple ways to express your love and care for someone, beyond words. Here are some:

  • Give them a spontaneous hug or kiss. Little priceless surprises like a spontaneous hug are enough to show them how much they are welcome and loved to increase the bond between you. Remember all the good old times when mummy used to hug you and you felt safe and warm? Do the same with your kids, partner, or other family friends and members at a time they won’t expect it. It makes a great pleasant surprise.

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  • Cook their favorite meal. Instead of fighting with the kids or your partner about what you should be cooking tonight, make something that they love or even better, everybody loves. Cooking isn’t just for the eating part--it can be incredibly warm and comfort-y, especially when you and all your loved ones are gathered to enjoy a lovely homemade dinner. Also, don’t be afraid to share your food, if they are asking for more. Both of these gestures, according to a study published on are very popular among adults of different ages.
  • Buy them a little-personalized gift. Gifts may be expected and a cliche for some, but the right gift with a personal touch is always appreciated. Instead of buying ordinary store-bought stuff e.g jewelry and cologne that everyone seems to gift these days, this time, buy something with more personal touch e.g an embroidered t-shirt with their name or a piece of art with an inspirational quote that rings true to their character and life. We have the perfect personalized gift for you so don’t forget to check our website for it.

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  • Write them a note or poem of gratitude. If your loved one/s are into little romantic and sweet things, why don’t you write them a beautiful note or poem expressing your love and gratitude? The key to making it appear sincere and welcoming is to make it specific and mention all the good experiences you have shared together or the specific qualities that make your loved one the lovely person that they are. e.g I way that you cook or the way you stay calm in difficult situations. If you choose to write a poem, don’t focus on making the words rhyme. Expressing your sincere and heartfelt emotions is enough to send the message and make your poem simply beautiful and deep. 

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