❣️ Happy Mother's Day 💁🏼

Amanda Spitko

Marie-Sophie Vaucher Rais, founder & designer of My little Shop


Mother’s Day in the UK is only a few days away!!

This is a day for all the mothers in the world to receive all of the appreciation and affection that they deserve. Mothers work day in and day out making sure the kids are where they need to be, fed, bathed, and happy. The house is clean, hearts are filled with love, and mothers don’t demand any credit. Well, today is their day to demand the recognition and appreciation for all that they do in our lives and we owe it to them to give them a day filled with as much love as they give us!! My little Shop is in awe of all that mothers do for their children and their families and wish all the mothers in the world a exquisite and happy day!

A Mother’s Day is never complete without a self-made gift or card from the little ones in their lives. These gifts can either be for Grandmas or Moms, both do so much in their children’s lives. The kids’ touch of authenticity and love is always adored and appreciated. Whether the kids make a homemade card or try their hand at baking (with supervision, of course) yummy treats, as long as the day is filled with love and shows the bond and dedication between a mother and her children, it will be a great day.

Kids also find joy in making their own cards by putting their personal touch and work into a gift. For mothers, any touch of love and personalisation is adored. They simply need some construction paper and markers to make a personal and unique card.

Apart from gifts and cards, Mother’s Day is also a day to celebrate the time that moms give to our lives. Even just a breakfast in bed while being cosy in your My little Shop pyjamas is the perfect way to spend the morning together. However, if it is a beautiful Sunday Spring day outside, why not go to your nearest park and have a picnic to celebrate Mom? The best park in Central London is Green Park, Regent’s Park in the North and Battersea Park in the South. Pack a picnic with sandwiches and spend the day strolling through the park appreciating your mom for who she is and all that she does!!! If the weather is not on your side this Sunday, you could also take the family to Afternoon Tea.

No matter how you spend your Mother’s Day, make sure it is filled with love and laughter and memories. This day is one for all the Mothers out there that have given their time and affection to the children that they love most… So show them just how appreciated they really are!!!

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