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Amanda Spitko

Easter is now only days away, and the kids’ anticipation for the holiday is on the rise. Easter means a day filled with quality family time celebrating the holiday and just wouldn’t be complete without an egg hunt for the kids! Check out our Birdy pyjamas for girls in our summer collection online for the perfect and cutest Easter pyjamas!

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Older kids LOVE a good hunt! One way to put a twist on the classic Easter egg hunt is to turn it into a scavenger hunt filled with clues from egg to egg, leading the kids to their final treasure! Here, you can get creative and as tricky as you desire, creating clues that lead the kids to their next egg. All the kids can work together to decipher the clues and find the excitement in guessing the correct answer. This also gives you the opportunity to keep the egg hunt indoors to prepare for any weather that Easter day may bring.

My little shop nightwear for kids - luxury pyjamas

One fun twist that we recommend is making an Easter egg hunt checklist for the kids. This lays out certain tasks that the kids must in order to receive their much-awaited Easter basket!! You can find some suggestions for the checklist to the right.

My little shop nightwear for kids -The life of kids in pyjamas blog
Looking for another way to mix up the classic egg hunt? Make it a puzzle hunt!! Instead of filling the eggs with candy or scavenger clues, fill each one with a separate piece of a puzzle. When they have collected all of their eggs, they can work together to put together all of the pieces. If you want to take it even further, you can write a message on the puzzle that leads them to their Easter baskets! This fun way keeps their minds moving and excitement high for the whole hunt!
My little Shop wishes you and your family a Happy Easter! We hope that you enjoy this holiday time together and have the best Easter Egg Hunt filled with adventure and fun!!


My little shop nightwear for kids - the life of kids in pyjamas blog

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