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Get Ready for “Back to School”

Krystal Williams

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We are soon back from the holidays and here comes the new collection with a fresh start for September back to school days, have everything ready from the school uniform to your pyjamas for a brand-new school year ahead. Here are some tips on how to prepare the kids for getting back to school.

Your kid needs to practice getting back into the rhythm of school life. Therefore, you could wake them up and eat around the same time that they would at school, a few days before the starting date. Having the pleasure of staying up late at night will have to be over. Getting them back into a scheduled bedtime is important for when they start back school. Kids need a daily routine to help them to adjust from the holidays into the new school year. Sleep is the most important for your kid’s well being and the earliest in bed the better.

Slowly, ease your kid from playing video games and watching tv most of the day, to briefly learning the new curriculum and gaining a head start. Even encouraging them to read or playing quietly is an ideal way to get your kid ready for back to school.

Kids enjoy shopping. Involve them in picking out their new stationery, uniform, accessories, shoes and not to forget of course pick out their new pyjamas for this upcoming season!  This is the perfect way to them to learn how to take a little responsibility; teach your kid to be responsible and independent, this will help through their whole life; even from a very young age, you will notice that your child feel very proud when he can do something on his own.


We wish you a gorgeous start “back to school”

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