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Friendship and our happiness

Evangeline Plant

Friendship has a lot of different meanings and the title of ‘friend’ doesn’t always conform to true friendship values. A friend could be a person that you see from time to time or perhaps someone you tell your deepest secrets too, but I think the true meaning of friendship is when a person makes your life feel full and happy, through the good times and the hard times.

I’m sure you all agree with me that friends can add to making your life feel complete and it's their attributes that add to this feeling, such as the laughter you may have with them or the promises you keep. These personality traits and feelings enable us to become closer with our friends, have that sense of trust, and most importantly make us all feel that sense of worth in life.

Happiness can be seen as the “payoff” for creating and sustaining these relationships, which is something that was said by Psychology Professor Alex Lickerman. So we must focus our attention on how we are treating people and how we would like to be treated to get this reward of joyfulness within. As after all, Mike Brooks also a psychologist tells us that strong friendships make our life much better.

Throughout life, we will all make a lot of different friends. Some of these friends will stay and some will go depending on our life experiences and our lessons we learn with them. True friends will be there until the very end and these are the friends that will put your happiness first always, even before your friendship. Sometimes we all need to hear the honest truth even if it will hurt us and although this may put us down for a short while, in the long run, we will be happier. These are the sort of friends we really do need.

If you’re struggling to find friends like this or lack friends who have these qualities you need to find new ways of attracting them. We find that once you know you’re a good person and friend yourself you will have that pull towards you. If we all treat others how we would want to be treated then the world would be full of true friends.

After all, our true friends are the people who will truly add to our happiness in life.

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