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Fabulous Summer Activity Ideas With Kids.

Marina Andreas

We are heading towards the heart of the summer, the weather is getting warmer and warmer and this is the perfect time to enjoy a nice vacay with your kids. Whether you choose to go on a trip to the mountains, spend a full day at the beach, having fun in town or even decide to travel abroad, there are some great activity ideas to follow beyond the ordinary. Here are some, depending on your destination:

If you are planning a trip to the mountains or wild nature:


  • Try camping and bring in your DIY tent, sleeping bags and other supplies with you. If you wish to get your kids familiar with the wild nature, camping is a great idea. But instead of bringing store-bought stuff with you, you can make things more exciting before and during your camping trip by creating your own DIY tent with your kids. Here is a video tutorial here. Don’t forget to start a campfire or host a picnic to eat.
  • If the place you are going to visit has lightning bugs or fireflies, host a hunt in the evening telling your kids to catch in a bottle or jar as many bugs as possible within a certain timeframe e.g 40 minutes. The one that manages to catch the most, will win a treat…
  • Get your kids some metal or liquid/water detectors so they can look up for these in the area. This is a great idea combining science, technology and entertainment at the same time.

If you are planning to spend a day or half at the beach/seasides:


  • Host a scavenger hunt where kids will search for seashells, precious stones, and feathers--again the one that collects the most wins. Bonus tip:  You can also use later these seashells to play tic-tac-toe over the sand.
  • If it’s later afternoon to evening already e.g 6 p.m, make your kids guess and predict the exact time the sun will set. The one who gets closer, will win (but do check from the internet to confirm the sun has set at that time to keep things fair enough).
  • Make your own sand castle with the kids and add a creative spin to it afterwards--as in the famous game “jenga”, each of the players has to take a small piece off without striking the castle to ruins.If it breaks, they lose.


If  you are in a town/city:

  • Visit a thematic park like Liquid Leisure Water Sports water park (if your kids are 6+ years old), or Paulton’s Park in Hampshire (if your kids are preschoolers). There are always new things to learn and experience when your kids visit a theme park.
  • Get your kids to collect some rocks from your local park (or any other kid-friendly outdoor) place and go back to home to paint them or decorate them with glitter and ornaments.
  • Do some DIY wonderful sidewalk art creations with temporary chalk. Even though permanent graffiti marking/spraying is illegal without an artist license in UK, you can use some non-permanent chalk markers to create some cute little art with your kids. As long it can be easily wiped off, there won’t be a problem.

If you are traveling abroad you can do some pretty awesome things once you reach your destination:

For example, you can get your kids a travel box and tell them to fill it up with everything that reminds them of the trip--from their own paintings to stickers and candy or small toys and souvenirs that they bought there. Or if you are visiting a bigger area e.g large city you can let your kids choose and point out a random spot of that area in the map and ask them to guess and describe it e.g it has tall buildings, it’s near the seaside, it has restaurants. The one that makes the most accurate and close descriptions will win a treat.

We wish you all to have a marvelous summer, full of fun activities and enjoying time with your kids to the most.



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