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Easter Celebrations!

Evangeline Plant

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." -  Audrey Hepburn
Easter is already here, can you believe it? It seems like yesterday it was only Christmas and now we're embarking on our first days of spring!

No one is really entirely sure where the word Easter comes from in the English language. In mostly all other languages in Europe, the celebration of Easter comes from different forms of the word Passover.

What we do know however is that Easter is the Christian celebration remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ after death. The process of Jesus' restoration to life after he was crucified represents to all the people that believe in him that life is everlasting. Remembering this time is a way to renew hope that we have victory over sin.  

All around the world children are getting excited for Easter, especially with time off school so what a perfect time to commemorate the day. Here are some ideas to kick off the fun!

 1. Paint eggs

The perfect hands-on way to get your kids involved in the Easter celebrations and very cost effective also. We celebrate Easter with eggs as they symbolize new life, which is why we eat chocolate eggs also! 

2. Go for a walk 

Why not go for a walk with your loved ones? This will enable you to breathe in the first part of the spring season and also very refreshing. It's always nice to go for a long walk before sitting down for a family brunch. 

3. Plant something

Stop by a local shop and pick up some seeds to plant in your garden or in a little pot you can keep indoors. Growing a plant signifies a new life also - and what a great way to demonstrate this to your children!

4. Easter egg hunt 

Add a spin to your Easter egg hunt by giving the children clues as to where the eggs are in a quiz. Why not add in a few questions to mix fun with reflection to help understand the meaning of this celebration?



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