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Marina Andreas

Tips For Increasing the Bond Between Parents & Child

Famous actress Jane Fonda once said “The bond between a parent and a child is the primary bond, the foundation for the rest of the child’s life...” and this couldn’t be more true. Psychologists agree that the parental/child bond really fosters the mental well-being and confidence of the child as it grows up and interacts with itself and the outside world. As a parent, you know first-hand that the love for your child is given and unconditional--however, mutual love, and bonding takes a few small sacrifices to be achieved. Your little precious one needs some inviting opportunities to get closer to you and cherish all the moments you have been together for the rest of its life. Here are some tips that will help:

Express your love and feelings practically:

Even though as a parent you feel inclined to express the love for your child mostly through indirect ways e.g taking care of their food and education, small children especially tend to perceive love in a more direct and practical sense. Sometimes even a small loving gesture like a hug or a kiss to the cheeks is enough to show them your love and instantly build some rapport between you--there is no need to go to great lengths to show it or spare some cash to buy them something nice. Little loving and priceless gestures like many times count the most.



Share some common activities:

Sharing some common activities with your child is another great way to increase the bond between you and spend some quality and fun time together. When you both have a few hours of free time away from school and work, organise a fun activity together e.g. a weekend trip to the beach, going for shopping, or something at-home like cooking or playing a family board game in case you don’t have the time or cash to go out. The options are plenty but make sure that it’s something that both you and your child will enjoy or you may be in for disappointment.

Listen to your child:

Small children are naturally wired to keep on talking and talking about their little adventures or express their needs straight away without thinking twice. While it would be tempting and many times (let’s face it) convenient to brush these talks off as silly little things, ignoring them sends the message to your child that their words doesn’t matter at all to your eyes. This of course, will eventually slash their confidence and build an invisible gap between you. Therefore, next time they talk, pay more attention to what they have to say and encourage more interaction between you. You can ask them for example further questions or directly ask their opinion on something you deem important. Even if they tell something silly or a lie, don’t confront them directly--let them finish first or make them see the right point of view through a series of leading questions and answers.

Teach your child some social values:

As kids learn by example, teaching them some social values like communication and constructive engagement in social situations will not only increase the bond and interaction between you, it will help build their connection and confidence with the rest of the world as well. Introduce these values verbally and then give them some practical opportunities to practice them out for example let them interact with their siblings as you watch, hold some children and parent parties or tell them stories with a social meaning/message.



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