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🍾 How to have the best new year eve with your kids ? 🎉

Marina Andreas

Just like Christmas evening, planning your New Year’s Eve with the kids is a very exciting process and by planning ahead all the family members will know what they’ll expect or at least experience some pleasant surprises. The good thing about New Year's Eve is that you don’t have to waste much money or time planning awesome activities that the whole family will love. It all takes a few good ideas and it ultimately boils down to whether you are staying at home or attending a party/local event in your area.

If staying at home:

  • Have some finger food with mocktails. There is no need to cook a whole extravagant meal for New Year’s eve just like you did on Christmas. The atmosphere should be light and exciting and the food should complement that. There are some great finger food ideas that everyone will love: pigs in blankets, chicken fingers, mini meatballs, bacon-wrapped sausages, mini sandwiches, sliders, nachos, mini quiches, kebabs, crisps, and popcorn. Instead of serving these with unhealthy fizzy drinks or plain boring water, make healthy “mocktails” that will look just like real cocktails but with no alcohol and serve them on fancy glasses.
  • Buy and pop some crackers. New Year’s Eve wouldn't be the same without some “noise” and fireworks. This is a time to celebrate the coming of the New year and crackers really add to the whole festive experience. They are cheap, fun, and everybody loves to pop one to reveal the surprise.
  • Go DIY and get your kids to make their own countdown bags every hour that passes, getting close to midnight. Or you can simply arrange everything they need to make their own paper clocks e.g paper, pins, colors, etc. Kids love to count down till the final minute.
  • Arrange a balloon drop. Balloons are perfect for any festive occasion and many kids love to carry them around or pop them for a bit of fun. Of course, the best time to drop them would be once the New Year sets in. Everyone will get excited. You can get some festive balloon drop kits on Amazon or Party stores.
  • Get all your family members to write their New Year wishes and resolutions and then attach everything to a vision board with photos.
  • Throw a family-friendly movie marathon. This is perhaps the most popular way to celebrate New Year's Eve as most channels are already hosting family-friendly programs and movies for that time. If you can’t find something appropriate, search for cartoon or family-friendly movies on Netflix or your local DVD store. Some good finds with count downs: All Hail King Julien, Princess Bride, Kirby Cappy New Year, Happy New Year Charlie Brown, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year.

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