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Amazing destinations for this years holidays

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustav Flaubert.

Going to different countries is a new way of seeing the world, it is a fresh change of vision and the way our outlook is in general life. When you go on holiday, you leave all your problems at home and realistically forget about them for a period of time where you feel free and lost in the moment. Harvard Medical School has found that when the brain is relaxed then new skills are learned and remembered in a much faster way than when it is stressed and busy.

These holiday destination ideas are perfect for chilling out and the ultimate relaxation factor. Some of these beautiful places are known for being picturesque and peaceful, to say the least, but overall they are all amazing for getting the downtime you need.

The Maldives, famous for its stunning white sandy beaches, the sea is crystal clear and the sun waits for you with welcoming arms. The Maldives screams relaxation and is the perfect place to go and practice mindfulness and enjoy time away from any stress.

The combination of beautiful beaches, food, and culture on a Thailand holiday is just so diverse and literally provides something for everyone meeting all of your holiday needs. Finding your inner peace at a Buddhist temple or an elephant sanctuary is something you can do in Thailand that you might not find elsewhere in the world.

Algarve is a perfect destination if you are going away with your family as you get the relaxation side whilst your children can enjoy activities such as water sports. What more could you want from a peaceful trip than sun, sea, and sand (and maybe some sangria) on one of the Algarve’s beach coves?

Bali is known for being the ‘Island of the Gods’ and has a lot to see than just the plentiful luxury resorts it has to offer. As Bali is a small place, traveling around the island on your holiday could be something to consider; this way you get to see all of the amazing beaches and fantastic culture during your stay.

Brazil is known for its breathtaking views with the sun beaming through the mountains and clouds whilst shining onto the sea water, you will definitely be at one with nature and find your inner peace here. The feeling of being in Brazil really blows your mind; that much that you get into surreal nature and are cocooned the Brazilian people, who I would like to add are such warm friendly people! What could be more mindful than this lovely place?

The Galapagos Islands really are a hidden gem of the world. Situated off the coast of Ecuador in South America, the thirteen islands are full of pristine wildlife and artistic scenery that with completely refresh your mind, body and soul. Whilst at this gorgeous designation you can go snorkeling with fascinating sea life, climb volcanoes and chill with tortoises on the beach - fabulous right! These islands really are one of the most magical places left on our planet!

Peru is the perfect country to travel if you love a good adventure from hiking through the world's deepest canyon or mountains over 5000 meters above sea level! The distinct culture in Peru offers some of the best dishes to eat whilst enjoying the amazing views, nature, and scenery as a whole.

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