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The build-up to Christmas can be a whirlwind of emotions for all of us, so we want to make the festive season stress free for you by giving our top tips to keep you rockin’ around the Christmas tree! According to Harvard Medical School, only 10% of respondents communicated no stress during the Christmas period so let’s make the percentage bigger and spread Christmas cheer all around.

1. Get your beauty sleep

Make sure you are sleeping a reasonable and regular amount per night. You are more able to deal with stress when you are well rested, giving you more energy for the hustle and bustle of Christmas. You can really notice the lack of sleep in children as their ability to engage and function becomes a whole lot less.

2. Take some time out

Remember that Christmas is only one day of the year, if you’re overthinking the details surrounding it, you’ll sometimes find the pressure of creating perfection and this can catch up with you. Clinical Hypnotherapist Terrance says, “if you spend just a minute every day to reflect in gratitude, the Christmas period will be the joy it is supposed to be.” So we suggest to take some time out for yourself, perform some yoga and try to meditate frequently. The University of Rochester Medical Centre vocalizes that there are many benefits of yoga including functioning better in daily life and also helping with health issues. 

3. Shop from your own home

Buying online and not on the high street is just a pleasure in itself. There is no stress of leaving the house in the cold to bump against the last minute shoppers and stand around in huge queues, so ordering online is definitely a bonus. Finding a gift online, although there is such a broad horizon, is easier especially when you find a perfect gift that’s unique, special and stress-free! We offer personalization on our products you can find that on our gifting tips for Christmas here! You could even save yourself the hassle of wrapping presents by opting for gift wrapping online if they have it.

4. Go for quality not quantity

There is a huge stigma attached to how many presents you receive when you are a child at Christmas, and realistically who is the judge of what's too much? When it comes down too it, the pressures will be off when you know you’ve bought someone a gift with such a high degree of excellence, over a few presents that will be forgotten about and won’t mean anything at a later date!

5. Just enjoy it  

Whilst Christmas is known as “the most wonderful time of the year”, some people forget to enjoy the holidays and actually break from working. Just call to mind that Christmas is about family, spending time with your children and loved ones so enjoy it whilst you can. 


Always remember to just make a list and check it twice.


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